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We know that anyone can reach crisis point and we're here to help when that happens.

Abingdon Foodbank Centres

Abingdon Foodbank expands to have centres in both North and South Abingdon

How to get help

If you need help from our foodbank there are a few simple steps to follow.

Visiting a foodbank

You will be welcomed by volunteers to discuss your needs and prepare your food parcel.

Foodbank vouchers

Our foodbank works using a voucher referral system. Find out more about how we work.

What’s in a food parcel?

Our foodbank provides three days of nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

Non-food items

It's natural that the first thing anyone thinks to donate to a foodbank is food, but toiletries...

Grants Search

Look for funds that might be able to give you a grant and/or other types of help.